Jesse Collins 1 Jesse Collins: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, Engineer, and Producer

A California native, Jesse was born into “showbiz”; his older sister was a film actress starring in roles opposite Lana Turner, and Errol Flynn. She counted the likes of Robert Mitchum, Howard Hughes, Orson Welles, and Hal Wallace among her Hollywood friends. Though encouraged by none other than Hal Wallace to get into the movies, Jesse’s family was less than eager to allow the talented youth to follow in his sister’s footsteps. It wasn’t until his teens that Jesse met producer, Jack Goode, and found his way onto the screen – this time the small one – singing, and performing opposite Jackie Du Shannon, and the Chamber Brothers in an early pilot for the groundbreaking music, and dance show “Shindig”.

By his twenties, Jesse Collins had begun to hone his own singing, songwriting, and guitar Playing skills, so he formed a group by the name “The Last Supper”. The Band played the local West Hollywood music circuit, so they could tighten up on their songs, and in time, it led them into the RCA Recording Studio with a producer by the name of Robin Hemingway, and the Chief Engineer; Dave Hasinger that recorded the “Aftermath Album” for the Rolling Stones! Out of those sessions they had contract offers from Liberty, Decca, and RCA Records, but something happened with our producer, and the record labels, because negotiations broke down, and RCA tied up our tapes for the next 7 years. During this time Jesse befriended many of the era’s rock superstars; Jackson Brown, The Doors, The Mamas and  Poppas, Love, Neil Young, The Iron Butterfly, and The Byrds ! After the Last Supper broke up; he got involved with the formation of the “World Peace Band”; recording experimental music for the next couple of years. They played the local clubs, and the Teenage Fair when Jimmy Hendrix headlined, and then KPFK did an hour long show on the band. The industry loved the experimental music, but they couldn’t figure out how to market it, so Jesse has all of the recordings, and they may be edited, and released some day!

By 1972, Jesse decided that he needed to get out of Hollywood, and expand his musical horizons, so he took off for London! He had friends there, so staying in London was fairly easy, and the building he lived in was full of musicians, so there was a lot of music played! A friend that he shared a flat with him was the road manager for Black Sabbath! He met quite a few musicians there, and visited different studios like White Chapel Studios, Island Records, and Apple Records where he met George Harrison. After writing a few of his new songs; he was invited to play at the yearly festival in in Bath. Returning Home to California from England; he continued to work on his own songwriting, and the development of his own sound, and by late 1979 he was ready to start the production of “The Jesse Collins Band”.

From 1980 to 1998; Jesse Collins put together 3 different groups of musicians; including a couple of other changes with base players, and drummers, in order to accomplish the productions of the songs in these 2 albums. He utilized the music club circuit of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, and West Hollywood; to tighten up the bands for the recording studio! Jesse has always been blessed with having great musicians around him, so the “Jesse Collins Band” project went well. During this period he was also invited to certain gigs by the GoGO’s, X ( Ray Manzarek Producer ), and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. To put the final touch on Jesse’s production capabilities; he went back to school at U.C.L.A. from 1996 to 1998, and became a certified recording engineer. He became a member of the International Audio Engineering Society, and he currently holds a certificate in recording engineering from the U.C.L.A. Extension University.

With all of this background, and experience that Jesse has acquired over all of these years; the one thing that was most important to him was to be in control of his own musical artistic projects. I believe that he has accomplished that, and now he has the opportunity, because of the nature of the music business today; to put out his own music under his own company; Legend Studios; and to give you the chance to listen to the “Musical Art Work of Jesse Collins”.