Adrian Rodriguez: Born in L.A., and started playing accordion at 5 years old; picked up the guitar at 10 years old; and has been a professional musician for 25 years. When he started playing guitar with Jesse Collins; he was 22 years old, and had been a professional for 5 years at that point. Since the studio recordings with Jesse; he has been playing the L.A. Music Circuit with a couple of different music groups; done recording sessions with some other artist’s; and has played at a few music festivals in recent times. Very versatile musically! Played lead guitar on all the songs on the 2nd album!

Don Reneer: Drummer extraordinaire with 25 years of experience. Don was born in Cincinnati, Ohio; he worked throughout the Midwest playing everything from country, and western; to jazz, blues, and mainly rock music.

Oscar Jimenez: Started playing drums, and percussion instruments as a teenager; joined the Jesse Collins Band in his early 20’s; played professionally for about 25 years becoming a keyboard player making songs for commercials.

Greg Smith: Grew up in the Chicago suburbs; started playing base as a teenager; moved to L.A., and in his 1st year started playing with Jesse Collins. His music background was jazz, blues, and rock! He has been playing gigs on the L.A. circuit for 25 years; and has been involved with some studio recordings.

Ray Rae: 25 years of musical experience; playing from Chicago to Los Angeles; switching from drums to guitar; plays blues; hard rock, and loves to fake jazz, and classical. He loves Jimi Hendrix, and is with a group out of Venice keeping his image alive.

Bobi Jackson: Bassist with rock, pop, folk, and jazz bands in the Los Angeles area for 35 years; film scorer, producer, and composer since 1972. She also played piano! Bobi passed away in 2009!

Dave Reznik: Very talented guitar player! He had been playing for 15 years when he joined the Jesse Collins Band. He played all of the lead guitar work on the 1st album; then went on to pursue his own goals of recording, and working on his projects; and continued to play with other musicians in the L.A. Circuit.

Malcolm Murely: This gentleman was a very secretive person in regards to his background; so we don’t really know where he came from, but he did a lot of work with Jesse to get the 1st album done. He was a guitar player, singer, harmonica player, and song writer. He played, and wrote songs for about 30 years, and at one point; he went to work for Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.


Both albums were recorded at a very famous studio in the West Hollywood area called The Annex Studios. The owner of the studio was a good friend of Jesse’s by the name of Thorney Nogar. This studio had been in existence going back to the 1940’s, and Thorney had been the Chief Engineer since 1949. He was Elvis Presley’s engineer at these studios during the King Creole Album, and had engineered all of The Music Awards up into the mid 1960’s; and had recorded artists such as Michael Jackson; Elton John; and The Stray Cats. Jesse’s 2 albums were engineered by Jerry Yester; formally with The Lovin Spoonful; and Jim the assistant engineer; at the Annex which is now called The Record Plant! The Club’s that “The Jesse Collins Band” played at to create these albums were: Madame Wongs West; The Music Machine; Club 88; The Club Lingerie; The FM Station; The Palomino Club; and The Central (The Viper Room).